The Augustinians

We are, first of all, disciples of Jesus Christ who, captivated by the example and doctrine of Saint Augustine, we walk together while we build our own history.

The Augustinian Order is presented in many different ways. It can show its peculiar character, its history, its mission, its charisma… But above all the Order is made up of people who, in the words of the Rule that we profess, “live together in harmony, having one heart and one soul towards God”. (Rule 3)

“Our Order recognizes Saint Augustine from its beginnings as a father, teacher and spiritual guide, because from him it receives its Rule, name, doctrine and spirituality”

Saint Augustine, after his conversion, met with his friends to serve God, organizing life according to the ideal of the Acts of the Apostles. He first established himself in the city of Tagaste as a layman, and later, as a priest, in Hippo. He wrote a Rule of life that the communities follow and that is held today by the Order of Saint Augustine and numerous Orders and Congregations.

After his death-430 AD -, the barbarians invaded North Africa and the fall of the Roman Empire was inevitable. The members of the first Augustinian communities fled from persecution and settled in regions of Europe. These small communities lived, for centuries, following the Rule and the Augustinian spirit, as hermits.

In 1244, summoned by Pope Innocent IV, these communities met to begin the history of the Order. In 1256, Pope Alexander IV gave a new impetus to the Order through the bull “Licet Eclesiae catholicae”. The Augustinian ideal spread and the Order grew reaching the Americas, Asia and once again implanted in Africa.

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